Gaia Pacha es una Fundación sin fines de lucro que refleja la convicción y filosofía de vida de mujeres y hombres capacitados y comprometidos con el cuidado de la frágil interacción ser humano – naturaleza.  Gaia Pacha se desenvuelve en la temática ambiental, en base a principios de ética, transparencia, justicia, y solidaridad.

Gaia Pacha is a Non-Profit Organization that reflects the conviction and life philosophy of qualified women and men who are committed to the care of the fragile interaction between human beings and nature. Gaia Pacha is dedicated to the environment with a strong base in ethics, transparency, justice, and solidarity.


Crear, proponer, e implementar soluciones ambientalmente amigables, basadas en el conocimiento local & científico, a problemas donde las decisiones y acciones humanas alteraron la frágil interacción entre gente y naturaleza.

To create, propose, and implement feasible environmentally friendly solutions, based on local & scientific knowledge, to problems where human actions & decisions altered the harmonic natural dynamic between people and nature.

In 2006, a group of young Bolivian environmental engineers decided to create an institution that would respond to the big environmental challenges in the country. This institution would allow the members to unleash their passions, imagination, and technical skills in order to improve Bolivia’s people and their environment. Thus, in the 2006 Earth Day, the environmental non-profit foundation GaiaPacha was created.The Greek term Gaia evokes the Lovelock’s theory that indicates Earth is alive. In the same complementary way, the term Pacha; that comes from native languages such as Quechua and Aymara; is part of the more complete term Pachamama. Pachamama means “Mother Earth”. In consequence, Gaia Pacha is a combination of modern theory and a legacy of ancient wisdom that expresses pretty much the same. That our Mother Earth is alive explained by two different cosmo-visions which complement perfectly each other.
General Information
Today, the foundation is functioning with more than 13 active members, and training 4 inactive members who are studying abroad pursuing their master degrees. Gaia Pacha’s main office is located in the city of Cochabamba, but since 2012, the foundation started its activities in the lowlands of the Santa Cruz Bolivian department.
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